Your instructor's

Cliff & Kristian Downing have been together teaching Sea Survival and First Aid for more that 7 years.

Cliff holds both RYA and MNTB certificates for Sea Survival.He was a Helmsman and senior Helmsman with the Royal National Lifeboat for 20 years

Cliff also worked for the RNLI as Sea Safety Manager for the North of England,and for the commercial Fishing side of the Sea Safety. Cliff also worked for Dulop Marine manufactures of liferafts and lifejackets as sales manager, and this is were he gained his vast experience of design and trials with lifejackest and liferafts.
Kristian is Cliffs right hand with Sea Survival,he will be the one to demonstrate lifejackets in the classroom and in the pool. There is no one more experienced than Kristian to show you the lifesaving exercises with the liferaft and lifejackets.